New Wave 80’s Music Radio – Mobile

Warren Lotus Eaters - The first picture of you Seeing the flowers scream their joy! Waz The Cure - Six Different Ways For all you cure heads on the door jc garcia jubilation anything box live life love dewinter Siouxie and banshees-killing jar to all former friends in Spolok bar and to all of u David Mary’s Prayer by Danny Wilson To Deb. Thanks for our time together The Wildcat Duran Duran - Night Boat DD thanks for the FANTASTIC show! Bartek The The Giant Greetings from Poland Howard Implog - Breakfast To Lisa. Let's make breakfast every morning. William The Cure - The Walk In a Cure mood! Loving the music! Ashley Blondie - Atomic (2001 Remaster) For Mama Coco in the hospital recovering from a heart attack. Get well.

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